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about Craig Comstock...

If you're looking for my resume try here instead.

I was born in the U.S. and have lived in the same two states my whole life. Both my parents where and are still computer programmers. I would go to work with them on saturdays sometimes and draw things on the dumb terminals. something like this no doubt...

  \  *  / 
   \ O / 

I learned BASIC on a Timex Sinclair that had I think 1k of RAM. Then graduated to a Radio Shack Color Computer. On which I began to learn Assembly. Later when my parents got their first Radio Shack laptop I wrote a maze game in Pascal on a road trip to the Grandparents house. In college I focused on music mostly but found time to write a 3-D graphing program so I could check out the wierd equations I was seeing in my Linear Algebra class.

I am a huge fan of LEGO's since the age of one when my parents got me a set from a special deal on an Quaker's oatmeal box. To this day I always have to look at the LEGO Technic section of any store.

about COMET...

COMET is the name I have given to the freelance design and programming I do. It was a nick-name I had when I was younger. People used to taunt me with the line, "Comet makes ya vomit, makes yer teeth turn green." At the time I did not appreciate this, but now I think it's funny.

I am available for contracting on a limited basis. Simply contact me and tell me what you're interested in me doing for ya. I charge very reasonable rates and in certain circumstances am willing to barter/trade for my services. In the past I have designed and implemented several large websites and overseen every aspect of bringing websites to the internet including: content creation, editing, programming, web hosting, design and promotion.

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