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Craig Comstock's Portfolio...

If you're looking for my resume try here instead.


Site Mirror - Perl script to mirror a site via FTP.

Color Convertor - Win95/NT Visual C/C++ app to convert colors from Photoshop deciaml to HTML hex.
(download the app)

Stars Applet - fast and flexible Java star-field applet.
(applet) (source)

Websites (most recent first)

Saint Luke's-Shawnee Mission Health System
All Perl scripts and most of the design and HTML.

bedebug - maker of custom jewelrey.
All design and HTML. Arranged WebSite hosting.

UMKC Music Conservatory's Virtual University
Java Applets (MIDI for Musicians, Lessons 4 and 5), Perl scripts for self-tests, JavaScripting, design and HTML

Superior Moving & Storage
Website design, image editing/compositing and HTML

Crown Realty
Website design, image editing/compositing and HTML

Schult Industries
Website design, image editing/creation, Perl scripts (forms and dynamic Products and Services sections) and HTML.

Graphics (click on a thumbnail to view large image)

A sort of 'trippy' background.

Mock CD cover artwork for Black Calvin.

More and more Black Calvin artwork.

Logo for cometweb.

A funky guy that I drew.

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